Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

So my dear readers...

Yes both of you...

As of the writing of this post I have a level 19 Troll Druid with full heirlooms making his was to a long time friends new server. Llanion Have not played with him in quite a while, but I was told one time that friendship can stand the test of time. I know from my perspective, I can still call him a friend.

If you are here, and you are reading this... There is no way you have not heard of the immortal Ratshag. He burst upon the blogging scene about the same time as me, but the guy is genius. His "guest" blogs are inspired. I can not really call him a friend, but I will make an effort to become one. We talked a good bit back then via blog messages encouraging each other and I even visited his server one time to get my "Pink Shirt."

I will be asking Stoppable Force to join his guild Builder's League United. I have never met this individual, but I have high hopes that between Llanion and Ratters that I should have no problem.
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