Sunday, February 8, 2009

Information Lockdown???

I am TDY, visiting a small island nation. This is a really neat place, I will post pics upon my return. I have to visit the MWR (Internet Cafe) to get the internet and things have changed since last time I was here. You Tube is now blocked... Facebook is now blocked. I am certain there are lots more things I could use to occupy my time that are also blocked, but have given up trying. At least Blogspot is not blocked.

I brought my Gameboy DS and have just started playing Crono Cross. A great game that I have beaten before back when it was on the Nintendo... or maybe playstation. Can not remember right now, but it was one of those. I also brought some D&D stuff so that I can work on my son's campaign. I plan on having him something he can run with his friends when I get back. My son has this friend that comes over every other weekend so this will give us something else to do.

There is this commercial that is out right now about a business traveler with a little daughter. He goes on this trip and his daughter smuggles her little monkey in his brief case. I was inspired by that commercial and on this trip I plan on doing something like that for my kids.

I bought this little fuzzy "thing" from the NEX (Navy Exchange) that I plan on calling a Banana Rat. It is not really one, but my kids will still think it is neat. I will include him in some of my photos of the island. Just something special for them to make up for the time I have to be away from home.
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