Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting closer

Drakhan hit level 68 last night and he is finally doing the Terrokar quests. I spent a lot of time in Nagrand doing the quests and just grinding away. I figured I would grind there anyway so might as well get some xp for it while I was at it. I am really in no hurry to hit 70 with the hunter, but it will be nice to have him “ready” for WotLK. On the bringht side he finally has LW up to 375 and he has Ebon Netherscale Breastplate, Ebon Netherscale Bracers, and Ebon Netherscale Belt sitting in the bank. I had to buy some of the mats off the AH, but when you spend 4 levels grinding in Nagrand all that Thick Clefthoof Leather makes some nice gold.

I now have a conundrum... My recent shift of pve towards pvp has got me wondering. Should I even wear the cool Ebon Netherscale set in the BGs? Should I just pick up the PVP blue set and just work from there? I guess I really do not understand how important of a stat resilience really is? Maybe I should just write Megan a long e-mail begging for advice lol.

On a different note I am enjoying the BGs with my Paladin. I like the hybrid role. I have several stuns for WSG, I have heals, and aoe. I have been debating making up a huge batch of eng bombs just for fun too. I am not sure I like my spec for BGs. My heals do not land for as high as I like for a healing role. On the flip side I still goof off with friends in the pve realm and really enjoy my spec for that. What I need is like an "Outfitter" addon that lets me have two specs at the same time. Hit my addon button and change gear and specs.... Yea... that would be nice.
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