Monday, June 2, 2008

The Right of Passage

The right of passage… Becoming a “Man”… It has changed. Early in my WoW days there were certain events that you just knew were make it or break it. Those elites, those quests… They existed in all the zones. They were all throughout the levels. They have changed. Now you are not a “Man” until you step through that portal and get stepped on by the Fel Reaver. He is the new Un’Gorro Devilsaur. He is the massively huge abomination that gets even the best of us.

Days have come and gone… Patches have come and gone. Are we better? Is the World better? A matter of perspective I guess. I can see both sides and yet really can not decide myself. There are things I like about it… there I things I miss about the old ways… and there are even more changes I would love to see made.

World Elites
For the most part these guys are now gone in Azeroth. There were some quests in the “old” days that you either skipped or had to group up for. Or you could be one of the select few that “manned” up and took the challenge. There were the creative locks, hunters, mages… that kited. There were the paladins going toe to toe with the non-casters. It was fun and exciting. Personally when leveling my paladin (My first ever toon), the elite challenge was really what kept me going. I loved being able to say I took on that group alone.

Azeroth Instances
These have been improved. The loot is now nicer. Much more blues for your looting pleasure. But still…. Is it enough? How many people these days run DM, Strat, Scholo, BRD ??? Who runs ZG, Naxx, Ony, AQ ??? How about old world rep? There are still cool recipes out there that I just don’t have the time to farm for. There are still cool recipes out there that I just can not solo farm. I want a way to rep grind the old stuff without being waaaaaay too tedious. Perhaps a way to “tone down the old stuff”? A solo button kind of like the heroic button? I really have no idea how that would work, but still.. that is why I am no game designer. Maybe just dailies to grind for them? How about some new AD dailies where you have to bring them more crap and this time you get Naxx rep? Something in Silth where you grind AQ rep? This rep could then be redeemed for the recipe drops from those zones?
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