Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Friend List

I want a friend list that can be configured. I am not sure if I am "alone" in my behavior but I have slowly but surely pulled all my toons out of guilds. My Undead Lock is the only toon that I have that is still a part of a guild but I rarely do anything with the guild. The guild does heroics and raids. I really do not care to do heroics, I feel as though I can invest my time more wisely. My guild has scheduled raids on the nights when I really can not make it. Wed, Fri, and Sun. I have church on Wed, I chose Fri as "Date Night" for my wife, and Sunday is "family time" (no games.) My guild is going to start raiding on Sat but nothing has been set in stone as of yet. It is probably just me but I will more than likely weasel out of that too.

I like my guild, I really do. The people are cool. They are level-headed. They are tolerant. Most importantly, the "bad eggs" have all been weeded out. I do not mind raiding. I do not mind wiping. I do not mind progress. I love to see the content. I just really do not want to invest 2-4 hours of my precious time to one thing. I generally only play about 2 hours a night. I like to do other things as WoW is my daily unwind from the stress of work. It would defeat that purpose if I was to add to it the stress of farming for consumables, and make the promise to devote time to progress in a raid.

Now... the point...

I want to be able to manage my friend list. When I play all my toons I have friends that I /p with to talk. I enjoy this aspect of the game as it takes away from the tedious aspects of the game without being an undue burden. I have some friends that I just use. I do not chat with them... they are just reliable, trustworthy "crafters." I have made a semi-bond with them and know what to expect for the services I require. If I am going to tip, I like to know how my money is being invested...

I want to be able to sort my friend list by what kind of "friend" they really are. For the most part I know who they are... but what if that blacksmith that I love goes unused for quite a while... and I forget what he is there for. I want a label system sort of like a guild structure. Let me give them "tags". I think this would go a long way to increase the economy of WoW if you were able to track and maybe advertise who and what you are. No more tedious /s in General, or Trade. Just a simple tracking system on your friend list.

Better yet, how about a title. You could have an uber-cool quest when you hit 300, 375, or beyond to let others know... Hey... I am the crafter you are looking for.... Not only did I grind out the skill, I also have most recipes and the title.
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