Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Dark Side...

I do not mind mixing geek “metaphors.” I often get the feeling when I am playing WoW that the Alliance is the light side and the Horde is the dark side of the force. My toons further complicate this matter in both their play style and their appeal to me. I am not sure if others feel this way or not, but it is, in fact, how I feel. Allow me to explain…

Alliance Main:
No-Epic Flyer
Purple Healer Set
Blue Tanking Set (A little Purple)
Blue Grinding Set (A little Purple)
Great Heals
Horrible Farming

Horde Main:
Epic Flyer
Purple DPS Set
Great Damage
Farming is relaxing

By those comparisons the Horde is the easier, “Darker” path. The paladin goes around healing things and protecting his peers. He can res, he can bless, has a passive buff, all around good guy. The lock… just dot dot dot, then felguard attack. Sure I can give you a res…. After I take this guys soul. For me the lock is just so much more fun.

This may come as a shock given my name… but I like to play alone. Yea….. I will let the one soak in… The paladin can handle himself just fine by himself, but he needs peers to really shine. I love leveling him as I can take on almost any non-spellcaster mob. I love trying to tackle elites by myself. The lock can also handle himself just fine, but in a different way. He really needs no others by his side to shine. I can do the same thing in a group or by myself. I can not take on the same type of elites, but I sure try.
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