Thursday, May 8, 2008

Transfer Underway

My Druid transfer should be completed by this evening. I just made the account transfer. Tomorrow I will be able to give an update on how the dual boxing goes in Outlands. My goal as of right now is just to use my Lock as a Immolate / Wand / Felguard button for my Druid.

My macro will look something like this….

/petattack focus
/cast [target=focustarget, harm] Immolate
/assist focus
/cast [target=focustarget, harm] Shoot

My only real dilemma at the moment is what spec to keep the druid now that he has a lock-bot. I recently switched to balance and I am enjoying it, but I am wondering if going back feral would speed up the leveling process. Decisions decisions….
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