Friday, May 9, 2008

The Adventures of a Druid and a Lock

Pros and Cons of Dual Boxing with my lock and druid…

Last night I finally transferred my Druid (62 now) to my son’s account and took him for a walk in Hell Pen with my Lock…..

I was able to complete almost all the Hell Pen quests last night. The only thing that held me back was time. There is no mob in Hell Pen that gave my lock trouble, so no quest is too difficult. I always feel like I am “cheating” on my lock when I play the druid, and dual boxing, I can always have him there…. You know… smiling at me…

The xp is just NERFED. I tend to get into just “locking” things to death and let the Druid die 3 times last night when he could have healed. I know this part sounds absurd, but I was doing the Colossal Menace and those elites spawn adds which got the Druid when I was not into the “groove” yet. My lock died once while waiting on the Druid to run back…. Again… on the Colossal Menace.

I still enjoyed the evening. I would have enjoyed it more if I was getting my rested 1k xp per kill rather than my rested 240ish. I think the farther into Outlands that I get with the Druid I will enjoy it more. When I get to rep like the Nagrand Ogres, I should be beaming with joy.
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