Friday, May 16, 2008

So much to do so little time....

The more I do in WoW, the more it seems I have left to do. I need to rep farm with my paladin and my lock. I need to level my 60s hunter and druid. I need to work out some more bugs on my Dual Box project. I need to level both sets of dual box toons. I need to farm gold so that my Paladin can finally get his epic mount and ride the uber copter. Bah!

I can't wait to get the hunter and druid to 70 so I can arena point farm. I do not plan on winning much going in dual box style but I will have some fun and net 200 or so points a week. I will have the worst rating EVER, but it will be fun.

A lot to be done before WotLK gets here. When that happens, I have two - four dark knights to play with. My son will want one just because he thinks it is cool, and I have to try it. What I read now, I am pretty sure it is going to fit my playstyle. To me it feels like a paladin with more dps :)
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