Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Toon Transfer

I have decided that I enjoy dual boxing so much that I am going to transfer Tsarbovine (61 Druid), and Drakhan (65 Hunter) to my son’s account so that I can see if this is still fun at BC level. This will accomplish several things….

1. I will finally be able to finish those last 9 levels on Tsar.
2. I will finally be able to finish those last 5 levels on Drak.
3. I will have a pwrlevel toon on both of my accounts for those pesky low end dungeons.

I also built another set of toons last night for my son and I to try. I have never really played a warrior or a priest. I have toyed around with the. I have leveled some up to the late 30s… but nothing serious. I made an orc warrior and troll priest combo last nght to try out. I figure a tank healer combo should work out nicely. We shall see…. The lock\mage combo still takes priority.
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