Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The pains and joys or the respec

I am currently working on a new spec for my paladin. I need one that meets all a tank needs but is still fun for me to play. I do not really care for the "Cpt America" Shield but know that it is a good thing to have.

Now to the point...

I am so glad that we are not stuck with the choices that we make when it comes to talents. I always wanted to dump my build in Diablo but did not have that option. Now, the ability is relatively painless... providing you have the gold. I have changed my spec a lot. The only toon where I have not changed much is my Warlock. I have been demo since the BC talents were released. Prior to that I had the classic level 60 raid build of shadow/ruin. All my other toons... been changed a lot.

Now if only Blizzard can do something about that 2 profession limit.....
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