Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Honor of...

Today’s post brought to you by the following….

Duel Spammers
Party Spammers
Gold Spammers

I love you all. You make my WoW time the greatest ever. I love to run by Org and get duel spam. Thank you. My day would not be complete without it. Obviously I wanted to duel or I would not have ran into Org. There is no other reason I would have ran to Org, thanks. I must have forgotten to jog off the road and put my name in the hat. I appreciate your concern.

As to me being a wuss, punk, prick, loser, etc… yes that is true. I am sorry I am all of those but must decline and keep on going. I have less important things to do and will be unable to join in your stimulating conversation and amazing duel prowess. Please forgive me and spam me again a few minutes later when I come back out of Org.

Obviously I want to team up for this level 5 quest line. I am not sure how I could make it without you. Please. I have forgotten how to whisper, /s just does not get enough attention, please /y. If that fails then please just invite me. I know I am too stupid to accept. I know that I suck. Please be patient with me and spam it over and over. It is not you, it is me. I just keep missing the accept button. I really do want to join in your party though. Honest.

I am unaware of the gold selling services that you offer. I did not know that I could get large quantities of gold for low low prices. I did not know that it was both fast and secure. This is great. I would tab out right now and visit your sight but I am a cheap skate. I know I know… it is cheap, fast, and secure…. But still…. It is me… Not you.

5g? That is all? You sure you do not need more. Of course I have 5g I could give you so that you can get that new sword, new armor, new recipe, retrain, and get your mount. I just do not have the time right now to stop. Sorry. If you could ask me again in a few minutes… perhaps….
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