Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Memorial Service

The Runnin of Da Bulls was this Saturday evening and it was a huge success. I would guess that there were easily over 1000 people there showing their support for Sharvan’s family. Reading over BRK’s post on the subject it appears that her family came to run with us as well. For the most part the event was full of decent people paying their respects, however, being an internet function you are bound to get the dirtbags that either do not realize why they are there or do not care. I died 18 times while enroute from TB to Arathi, and it was a blast. The racers ended up heading on down to and through IF and then on to raid Hogger. Great fun!

Soooooo……. I have recently picked up dual boxing with my son’s account. This is causing me to neglect my “guild duties” and I need to better manage my WoW time, but it is still highly entertaining. I am running 2 Blood Elves, Arkhanis (Mage) and Daemus (Warlock) and it is working out nice. I dinged level 20 last night with my Mage (he cheated and had a head start) and have only died once….. I tried to “dual” the Elite Abomination in Ghostlands and he hurt me….
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