Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I “cloned” myself last night to see what Drenden was like. I wanted to say hey to the likes of TJ, BRK, and Ratshag (in his dwarf costume.) Only Ratshag was on at the time so I chatted him up then got to work leveling another Warlock. I think this makes number 5 for me now counting my son’s account. I am currently undecided whether I should make a hunter or a lock to follow me around.

I like having a “pet” class behind me as that is one more auto-attack. I have not got around to trying the Voice Commander that Nibuca pointed out to me yet, but I am going too. I am just rather lazy and get side tracked easily.

I added several blogs to my blog roll. I try to spread the love as much as possible. Us lesser bloggers enjoy traffic just so that we know somebody comes by…. Well… at least I do. I use google analytics very often to see where people are coming from and if they get here from searches… how they are getting here.

I notice odd spikes in visitors… I have steady numbers around 5 – 8 unique page visits a day, then all of a sudden it will spike into the 30s for a day. I am not sure why, unless I have people out there that pop in on certain days of the week. I am more of a daily troller. I visit numerous blogs throughout the day to kill the boredom between work orders. I am an IT Contractor and spend a lot of time at my computer waiting on something to break or be added to the network… fun fun…
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