Monday, June 9, 2008

Minor Update

I talked a friend into dual boxing with me. He is rolling with 2 shamans, currently level 17 I think. He is trying to catch up to me so that we can destroy contenty together. I have recently changed the way I am operating. I now have two WoWs going on my system and do not see much of a performance hit. I play on a laptop and therein lies the problem.... Two windows on my little laptop screen.... Hurts. Otherwise it is nice to hit one button and have both of my toons do their thing.

I can see the appeal of 5 boxing but could not justify the expense. I rationalize my current two accounts as one is used by my son. As a matter of fact his account was bought just for him... I just ninja it after he goes to bed.

On a side note, this may be a light week for me. I have VBS this week at church and will not have much time to play or blog... but we shall see.
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