Monday, June 30, 2008

More D&D Info

Sorry about the delay but the beach was calling me name.

I have had a few of you respond with interest. I have been asked to provide more info on how this would work. So here my readers, is how it will work.

I will be the Dungeon Master, you will be the Players. I have not fully worked out what I want to do adventure wise yet, but I am working on it. As such... I am not sure if we will start at level one or maybe mid level like 5 or 6. Any thoughts?

I will post the story here no less than once a week, pending work travel of course. It will work just like we were around a table top together, but slower. I will post the combat in story mode, encounters in story mode and plot as a story. I am no writer, do not look for BBB quality, but I have done my fare share.

I will assist you if needed with character creation, or you can submit them to me via e-mail once we start. My e-mail is wildhermit at gmail. I like to use a pool of points for stats and will explain later once I have decided on levels.

I would like basic character traits submitted too. That way if you take off I can kind of let your pc go on cruise control and not skip a beat. Combat will be take care of by me and when combat, encounters start I would like you all to post not only this rounds actions but a general course of action... Otherwise combat would take forever....

Anything further post here or send me an e-mail. More to follow.
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