Tuesday, July 1, 2008

58 Minutes!!

Ok... first let me get some D&D info out of the way.... Hulan sent me this link for a 4e D&D character sheet. I thought it looked kind of neat and makes things a lot easier. Also... I agree with Sonvar. After much thought on the topic I think level 1 is going to be the starting point. I activated my .mac account tonight and will use that to host images and stuff like character sheets, loot info... etc.

Now to the WoW...

I have been BGing it up with Drakhan my hunter lately. It is loads of fun actually having some dps alliance side. I have abismal dps right now as far as hunters go... I am rocking my boar for the charge ability which I love and just because he is my boar... Mine.... I am also only using Hemet's Elekk Gun. I think if BRK were to see me running around he would slap me with my lousy gear.

I am enjoying it though. I think I would disappoint Megan with some of the gear that I wear in the BGs but with no arena team and new to the whole thing... A 70 hunter does what a 70 hunter can.

Now... you may ask... 58 Minutes???? What does that mean?

I was in an Alterac Valley match last night that lasted 58 minutes. It was wonderful. I loved it. It was fairly obvious real quick that the horde did not want to win. They were just there to honor farm us and enjoy the ride. So... for the first time ever almost all the alliance joined up and aided the horde in this task. We just hung out and killed each other. Galv never dropped... We got pushed back to our cave and fought there and on the slopes. I racked up 189 kills in that one game. We lost... but we loved every minute of it... Nobody complained... Nobody whined about losers or n00bs... just good clean killing :)
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