Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Skinning & Gathering

On Saturday I decided to start getting ready for the gold making extravaganza that will be Gathering in WotLK. Horde side I have two useful toons to work with and that is where I currently enjoy playing. I kept tailoring for the lock and picked up mining. My druid kept herbalism and picked up skinning. My Lock is just over 200 mining now and my druid hit 303 skinning last night before I logged for bed.

I love skinning. It is so easy. You do not have to go on "wild goose" chases for ore or herbs. You just take a few extra seconds to loot a litle bit deeper. I have had many many toons over the course of my WoW gaming. Every single one of them at some time in there leveling has had skinning. It may not be a huge money maker, but it is easy.

I started off Sunday evening around 8 pm at 0 skinning. By 10 pm "ish" when I logged for the night I was at 225 skinning and ready for more. Last night I took a couple more hours and made it to 303. Skinning just goes so fast and it is nice and relaxing. I just start grinding mobs and the time flies by. For me skinning is the perfect profession, I like to grind... and skinning is made to grind.

Tonight, if we do not make it to Old School Night, I will finish up skinning to 375 and begin to collect mats for all the gear I will need when I hit 70. My druid is going to need 3 sets... Bear, cat, and resto. I plan on getting as much as possible at 70 crafted to help out.


STV is like skinning Nirvana. You can skin there as low as 150, maybe lower... but I only show up at 150. You can slowly move south and make it all the way to 300. No traveling needed. No wondering where to go next... just start at the top and make your way to BB.
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