Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Old School Night

My guild has an Old School night. I have talked about this concept with many many people but it never got of the ground. I am not motivated. This is a really cool concept though, and I wish I had been motivated. All of that is meaningless though as my good friend Llanion is very motivated. He only has one real toon and only wants one. The up side to this he does lots of ingame stuff that the rest of us skip.

What is OSN? Simple. It is a night where we as a group, not the whole guild, go about doing old raids, instances, key quests.... That kind of thing. Last night we went into LBRS to start working on our ONXYIA quest line so that we as a guild can go take her down when we feel.

We were doing great. Killing with reckless abandon... Too easy for 3 70s and my 64 Druid. Then the unthinkable happened..... The servers crashed... :)

We go again next week... come on server....
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