Thursday, July 31, 2008

Achievements..... Again

WoWWikki has a lot of achievements up. I mean a lot. Yea... A lot.

I think I remember somewhere that these things are going to be retro-active and that if you have done something in the past then it will carry over to the present. I hope so. I have done a lot of that stuff. I have come close to a lot of that stuff. I have a lot more stuff to do.

I would love for Blizzard to surprise us and say something like these things will carry over to your other toons. That these achievements become server wide things. I currently have 3 70s and real close to number 4. Although I will not be heart broken by skipping this on most, it would be nice to do it once and be done.

I see that they mention something called Achievement Points. I would love to know what this is going to be for. Vanity Items? Cool new gear that no real value to the game than just to show off? I would be content with that.
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