Friday, July 25, 2008


Blizzard has sparked the inner demon in me with this new Achievements nonsense. My mind is tossing around all kinds of things that may come out of this. I know that readers of this blog have seen my ever so fickle nature time and time again. Alliance... Horde... Paladin... Lock... Hunter... Druid... I am all over the place. I have had all the professions but JC maxed now... and dropped them. I just dropped enchanting again last night as it is just easier to buy the mats.

I noticed last night that the toon I love the most, my Warlock, has the least amount of rep. I need to fix this. I think I have time. I am almost done with fishing too. I will need to work on swords and unarmed... then all my skills will be maxed. I should take my lock on a tour of the world to make sure I have it all explored. There are a few more tailor patterns I want to pick up.

With my other toons I can settle for just having them at 70. With the lock... I need him to be complete. Well.... at least until I change my mind again....
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