Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Math is Fun

I decided that I can no longer sit by and let my Druid "rot" at level 62. He must get to 70. Why? For not other reason than he is so close. Here is how it is going to go. I currently have 4 bubs in, which leaves 16 to go. I will then have 20 bubs for levels 63 - 70, which comes up to 140 bubs. Add all that together and I have 156 bubs until my Druid is level 70 and can rest before WotLK.

I thought to myself last night... "Self.... If you do a minimum of 2 bubs a night it will take you 78 nights to finish..." Ouch. That is painful. A little over two months.

The good side to this strategy is this... 2 bubs takes like maybe an hour. Waaaaay less than that if you turn in any quests. So I can still do all the other things that occupy my time and still devote minimal time to the Druid for leveling.

I am an odd one. I will admit. I now have 3 70s. The only zones that any of them have done... Hell Pen, Zang, Nagrand, and Terrokar. I did maybe one or two in BEM.. maybe one or two in SMV... Maybe one or two in Netherstorm. I just do not like those zones. Meh.

As of right now my Druid has gone from 58 - 62 and has yet to leave Hell Pen. I have been to other zones, but no quests yet. I still have a few quests to go as well so by the time I hit Zang I should be 63. Last night I got 3 bubs just running around killing boars and demons getting used to my Druid again. There was this big lumbering Bear just running around mauling things.


On another note... If you visit here and have a blog and would like to be added to my list just let me know. I try to get everyone and spread the wealth... but I am sure I miss some of you.
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