Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ode to the Gulch

A second post today devoted to the often hated, by me at least, WSG. Why do I hate it? No timer. No assurance that you will ever escape. You are trapped there looking for a flag.

You might say “But Hermit, after so much time the flag carriers are visible.” You of course would be correct. That however does not imply that your group will behave in a respectable manner. You may go after the flag one at a time. Why don’t we just group up? Good question. I can’t make them group. Well just wait on them… I do.. I wait on them… then I am called an afker… or while I wait they still don’t group. So what do I do… join up with one and run… hope for the best.

You might say “But Hermit, after so much time the flag carriers become weak.” Again… you would be correct. However…. See above.

Some games go well. We win quick… We lose quick. Or it goes back and forth and ends in a challenge. All good. Then comes the turtle, or even worse the complete selfish pug. Nobody in the entire group is in sight of another. You see people over way on the side. You see people on the roof all alone. You see people spaced out in the middle. They are in the tunnel… Everywhere.

I could try to get a group and join as 10… Then that defeats the purpose of me in the BGs… I am allergic to pugs. I break out in wasted time every time. I am just lucky like that.

My question to you is this, if you care to respond. Maybe offer advice? Point out what the heck I could do to make matters better, if anything… Or just join with me in the suffering that is WSG.

Where do you enjoy WSG?

Do you linger in the Flag room? Do you hang out at the base of your tunnel? Do you hang out in the middle? Do you hang out near their tunnel and play “safety”? Do you do everything possible to stop the enemy from taking your flag and escaping?

Do you rush like a crazy madman to the enemy flag room? Do you pick up the flag or support the runner?

Do you linger in the middle? Do you honor farm here? Do you just do your own thing regardless of what is going on around you? Does the flag drop in front of you and you ignore it due to the bloodlust of one more kill? Does the flag runner sprint by you and you not even take notice, as your dps is focused on another just for fun?

Me? I like Defense with my hunter. I hang out between dead middle and move from tunnel to tunnel accordingly. I love hunting the flag runner. Sometimes I make it and return the flag, sometimes I am too slow, but this is what I enjoy about WSG…. When it works… I would say a third of my games in WSG are fun. I win, lose... no matter… they are fun. I hate the turtle with a passion.
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