Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Final Countdown

There is a new item over there.... Look... Over there... No... the other side...

I added the Druid Countdown. That way you the readers will get to keep track of the exciting last few levels of my Druid. YAAAAAAAAY.... Sure... as if leveling your own toons was not enough now you to watch the painful way I level a toon that I have really become bored playing. Last night... I gained 3 whole bubs. Who knows.. Maybe I will take a betting poll for the actual ding date of the Druid and give out a prize to the victor.

I have been sitting alliance for a long time now. Alliance side all my toons are in my alt guild. So the only people there are me... myself... and sometimes I. Coming back to horde it is both odd and refreshing to see any comments in guild chat. I am enjoying the commentary. I am still a slacker though. I have yet to do an instance. I do not know why... that just not do it for me. I am not above helping out a friend and tagging along... but the thought of putting together a run... even with friends... just causes me to cower.
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