Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Dresden

This post has nothing really to do with WoW. However, I do not think that matters to the type of people that come to my blog... Most of my posts are gibberish anyway :) The only WoW related thing that I will throw in here is that I am still making slow and steady progress on the Druid. I got him to 325 skinning last night.

Hairy Dresden

You may have heard of the character or the series before, but until the Sci-Fi channel show I was clueless. I just finished up the final book on Saturday and now I am stuck. I want more Dresden. There is a Graphic Novel series being release that I will have to pick up and a RPG in the works that may be worth checking out.

A brief Synopsis or you could just check the Wikki is this... The time is now, the place is usually Chicago. Magic is real, fairies are real, Vampires, Werewolves... all real. There is a Council to control magic and to keep the "world" safe. People generally do not know about any of this. Not because it is kept out of sight all the time, but because people don't want to know. If something is seen they explain it away... even to themselves.

Hairy is a practicing Wizard. He is in the phonebook under Wizard. Most people think he is a crazy or fake. That does not bother him, he likes to help people and keep the "nasties" from getting out of hand.

Go check it out, great stuff. If you know of any series I should look into, please... post it for me... I am running out of books to read. I hate looking for new stuff... Lazy... help me...

Currently I am reading another Dune book. This one is about the Butlerian Jihad... Meh... I will finish it, and the others... but need something else... help me...
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