Tuesday, July 8, 2008

D&D Update

I am still waiting for my copies of the D&D set to arrive. I ordered the collector's set and still... am waiting. If I do not have it by Friday I will break down and just go pick up another set. I have read through the PHB and most of the DMG though, so I have seen at least some of the changes. For character creation I think the best method for us will be the point buy system. You start off with an 8, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 and then get a pool of I think 22 points to distribute. There is a chart in the PHB and I believe this is method 2 for determining your stats. No evil toons. I have run games where I allowed them... and they just did not make sense to me. Just easier on everyone else, including me. :)

For those of you that are truly new to the concept of D&D it is a fantasy world. It is an RPG. Normally you would play this game with people around a table. One person is the Game Master and controls all the Monsters and NPCs. The others, you, are the players. You have stats such as strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity. You have hit points. For the most part you "assist" me in telling a story. When combat occurs, dice are rolled comparing your stats vs the enemies stats. In a normal game you control your dice, I control mine. In this version I do all the rolling... you merely inform me what you will attempt to do. As the story progresses you level up... gain more skills... and just enjoy the ride.

Now for some WoW.....


I have to pace myself. I allowed myself to get into a slump with the hunter in the BGs... I didn't make it long. I did maybe two weeks solid BGs. I realize I need to break that up. I enjoy the BGs... well all but WSG... I enjoy winning... I enjoy losing... it is a token and it can still be fun. I just can't stand the conversation. I have been in BGs where it went smooth.. we either lost with style or won, but nobody made it uncomfortable with the whining... BAH. I need a way to turn off chat. Just turn it off..
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