Friday, July 11, 2008

Traveling Mat

Recently I have been traveling around saying hey to various bloggers. I find more people that know of me than I had realized. Not saying I am a blogging star... no no no... just shocking to find more people than I went looking for. Last night I visited BBB and his guild. I found one of my own guildies there. Small world.

I am not done with my travels yet as I still have some more bloggers to visit. If you are sitting there minding your own business and some little hermit pops up to say hi, give him a warm welcome for me. :)

If you get bored, then tighten up your laces and do a little traveling of your own. You may be suprised at the reception. The way I see it the blogging community is like a bigger version of a guild... I "virtually" know a lot of you...

As you can see by the sidebar over there, I managed 4 bubs last night. You might say that I am slow. I would agree with you, but I have no desire to rush. I do not really plan on raiding with him. I do not plan on instancing with him. I just want a 70 Druid. Yep. That is it.

I have some business travel coming up, and will be out of town the majority of August. I will still be WoWing it up from hotel rooms, and blogging, but D&D is going to have to hold off. As of right now the genral consensus I have seen from those that are interested have said more or less the same... People are busy. This will give us more time to read the rules, and digest the material. If this comes a diappointment to you then I am sorry. Rest assured that I have not abandoned the project, just need to extend.
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