Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crazy People

So…. I am running various alts through various low level zones. I do not know why… relaxing. I have done Dead Mines, Stockades, and Shadowfang Keep, all just because I can. I recently gave my son my Druid and my Hunter so that he can have a high level toon and so that I can use them to run my low level toons on his account. I have to say… for low level runs… the paladin is a thing of pure beauty. I mean all the yellow reflective damage numbers all over my screen… Wow.

I am not sure if you have done this or not, but I run lots of Azeroth instances for friends. I run them solo just to do it sometimes to see if I can. I tried Dire Maul solo… I tried Strat solo… I tried Scholo solo. Just for the fun of it. With that being said, I recently ran a friend through Scarlet Monastery. We did a full clear and it was a blast. In the cathedral I pulled the whole entire courtyard…. Both levels… all at the same time. I would have to say that 90% of the mobs died in a nice semi circle around my paladin. Retribution, Shield Spike, Blessing of Sanctuary, and of course Consecration makes a wonderful display of reflective damage.

My hope as of right now… of all the things that WotLK will provide… Please let there be a “thorns” for inscribing…

Back on track...

So... I am running myself through an instance in Shadowfang Keep and I get this /t.
x : "Hey, how are you in there at level 21?"
Me : "I think you can enter at 16."
x : "Is that hunter running you."
Me : "Yes.... I am running myself, it is my other account."
x : "If you summon me can I join?"
Me : "Sorry, as I said... I am running myself. How did you know?"
x : "I did a /who and you are the only two in there..."

Break in story... See I am relying on myself here... I am not harassing strangers. I am not interrupting their run. I am not mooching off of their hospitality. I am actually in the instance right now. Is this guy just being rude, or am I rude?

x : "Ok. You sure"
Me : "Yes."
x : "Could you summon me and another guy out there then?"
Me : "You are not joining the group, you just want a stone summon out here?"
x : "Yes."
Me : "Sure, one sec."

At this point I am sighing and kicking myself for giving in....

Me : "Sorry man too high to use the stone."
x : "No, you have to use your low toon..."
Me : "Ok, tried again... sorry, he is too low."
x : "Did you even try?"
Me : "Yes, I am sorry for you trouble but I would like to get back to playing now."
x : "Thanks anyway."

Several minutes go by....

x : "Where is SFK."
Me : "In Silverpine forest..."
x : "Could you give me directions from Storm Wind."
Me : "No I am sorry, I am trying to play here... Wowwiki it."
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