Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Down with the Sickness

I think I have some sort of sickness. I think we all have this sickness. What is it about the miniature collecting hobby that makes me want to own it all?

Have I been contaminated by Larfleeze?

I can not seem to stop myself.

It would be so easy if I could just say... Look... I only play orks, so there.

I can't...

What happens is that I start reading blogs and trolling the net on my break at work and see something really cool. I then think to myself "Self, we need that. I think we could paint that up to where it would like nice on a table top."

I made a post a while back where I listed all the things that I currently needed to finish. That list is pretty big. Not massive, but enough to keep me busy for a while. I do not need any other armies.


That is when it happens. I troll through the net and find something like this. I think I could pull off something like that. Do not get me wrong, my Deathwing would not look nearly as nice as his, but I think I could do make it look decent.

I own all these codex... codeci... whatever... And then want to try out a small Dark Eldar list... Blood Angel.... Space Wolf... Black Templar... Dark Angel (I have some Ravenwing, but need more per the Larfleeze comment above.)

Where does it end?

Money. Money and time. If these two items were limitless I think I would have to own a wharehouse for all my junk...

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