Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dailies x 2

I am sure I am not the first person to ever notice this. I am sure I will not be the last. Doing dailies on two different toons at the same time is painful. I do not mind doing them daily, but back to back is horrible. The gold is nice, but not sure how many more days I can do this. I may have to have daily rotation or something. Do the dailies on one toon, while doing something else, then switch the next week... perhaps.

I have most of my starting "Kara" tank gear for my druid now. I have most of my sockets still empty, went broke... hence the hard dailies grind. Even with that oversight/issue I am still uncrittable. I am sitting at 18.5k armor and 13.5k hp. I know that I am not uber, but not bad for someone who just dinged 70. I would be raiding tonight too if I were only back in the states.

I have a question.... Maybe a demand. Where are the +ARMOR gems. I want a gem that gives me like 50 armor & + 4 Stam as a green, +100 armor + 6 stam as a blue. You see. Something like that. So I can shoot my armor right to 35k and collect my $200 for passing go at the same time.
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