Friday, August 1, 2008


I have been deluding myself. I have been one of those locks that have thought… “Most of my dps is from dots… therefore spell hit is a lesser stat.” Yes sir… That was me. I had lots of crit. I had lots of spl dmg. I had lots of mana regen, over 200 to be exact. Where was my spell hit? 89.

I have been reading around lately and had some spare gold so I started working on that issue. Most of my gear is geared towards damage so I am going with spell hit gems. I got some new enchants for my gear… and I am slowly working back towards that magic number of 220.

I realize this comes a little late in the game, with WotLK right around the corner and all… However, there are still plenty more Kara clears in store for me. There are lots more ZA runs. There are lots more runs where we as a guild try new content before it becomes “stale.”

My goal with the Druid is really just to get him to 70, and get him in Kara. I am not after gear… I just want to know that my Druid did Kara too. I have myself an “easy” to acquire gear list to get in the door. I want to tank with him, but would be fine as dps or even as a tree. I will see what the guild would prefer, although we have plenty.
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