Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lazy Traveler

I am a lazy traveler. It is just that simple. I neglect my blogroll, I never make it to any blogs when I travel... even my favorites. I usually neglect my guild forum, where normally I am the most active. I get in a routine and just do not want to deviate. I am in a word... Boring. I am in Cuba. This is a very cool island country even with just the small base I am able to see. What have I done? Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Each day after work I rent a movie from the local NEX (Navy Exchange - Read Walmart). I then walk to the MWR (Read Soldier Net Center / Library). I check my mail. I update my blog. I check my mail again in case my wife wrote. I log in and grind some gold on my Lock. I check my mail. I log my Druid and grind some gold. I check my mail. I leave the MWR. I go back to the room do some PT (Read exercise so I do not become a fat slob... If you are fat slob this is not a jab... I would like my wife to enjoy looking at me... That is all). I watch my rented movie. Somewhere in there I eat really fast, because dinner is important.


What does this post have to do with WoW? Not much really... although I did bring it up somewhere in there. Tomorrow maybe... Short time in game leaves me not much gibberish to provide you with. Meh :P
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