Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricane / Tropical Storm Whatever

So I am minding my own business here in Cuba. I am doing my job... All of a sudden it starts getting real cloudy. Then the rain comes. Then things start closing. I am thinking to myself at this time...

"Self, what gives? A little rain and these guys close up shop?"

The phone lines go dead. The internet goes dead. For a time the cable dies... I am sitting in my room, bored to death. It is raining hard so I can not go anywhere... guess I watch some movies.

Sunday comes... still raining. The phone lines come back up, still no net. I call home to check in with my wife and kids and find out a hurricane/tropical storm just hit Cuba. Woot! I had no idea. It was windy. It was rainy. It was dark. You think I could have seen a funnel or something. Maybe some huge waves. I am this close, stuck on an island, nowhere to go and I miss it all. Crap!

Oh well.

So you may have noticed no update yesterday. Yea... Thing is the net just came back up. Woot! Go Cuba!

I did some exploring yesterday and got some great shots. Found some little caves and stuff. I will see what I can do when I get back and post some pics. This is truly a beautiful place.
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