Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paladin Squire "Pet" in LK

No. This is no rumor. I did not hear it on another site. It is official... from my head.

I want paladins to get a pet like Mages and Shamans. Give them a squire. Let him be this lad or lass 15 - 20 levels lower than the paladin that just follows him around. Give them a two hand sword and let them lay in with their crappy dps. Let them have minimal bag space to hold stuff like a squire should. When the paladin mounts up... so does the squire, on a bland looking horse.

If I need, let it be some epic long quest line. Make me ear exalted rep with all main cities of my faction. Shoot... I would even be willing to take a debuff if I allowed my squire to fall in battle. Like a 10 min -15 to all stats or something.

The squire would not be a game breaker. It would be more comic relief. I would love it. I would even be willing to share my squire idea with other classes... Attendees or something for any class willing to do the long quest line. That would be an achievement... You have your own entourage.
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