Friday, November 9, 2007

Do Over...

This post is about named mobs. They are not always elites. They are not always rare spawns. Sometimes they are just quest mobs for quest you do not have. These mobs are in most, if not all zones. If you kill one, at least for me, that almost always means you are about to get the quest....

Last night a friend and I were out gold farming, quest style, in Netherstorm. There is this one quest where you have to kill these level 69 and 70 elite rock giants. After you kill these rock giants you get some crystal/rock sample off them. We are ripping through them no real problem, he is a shaman, I am the lock. There was even a time where we stumbled upon a rock giant pat. Panic mode kicked in for both of us and we prevailed, although Soul Stone was needed.

Side note... How in the world do those GIANT mobs sneak up on you? The Devilsaurs sneak up on you in Un'Gorro. The Fel Reaver has ambushed me in Hellfire Peninsula. Last night a giant rock ambushed me... How?

Well we do fine. We rip through the mobs and then this big named buy comes up. We decide to kill him. He does not appear to be a rare spawn, but you never know. We drop him and what does he have... nothing... 1 item of vendor trash. Bah.

We finish up a few more quests and then head back to do our turn ins before calling it a night. What do we discover... You can guess... Come on.... That is right! We now have the quest to kill that named mob.

There should be some way... Some log... some tracker... So that in a situation like this I can kindly tell the quest giver... "Look, dude... I just killed that guy. Just give me my stuff now. I killed him, he was elite... you are not... Do not make me get upset."
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