Sunday, November 11, 2007

Party Makeup

Last night I helped a friend finish up his Kara key quest by doing Black Morass. It went well. It went very well. I started thinking about how different parties are just so much better than others. I have not done many instances in my WoW "career", Outlands or otherwise. I really do not like PUGS, and Final Fantasy Online left a bad taste in my mouth for groups.

I am not above helping out my friends though. Last night was one of these help times. I have never suggested my own group, nor have I tried to find a group. I do not mind joining a group to fill in a spot or just doing my own thing until the group is ready. Having said that, I have been in my fair share of groups, good and bad.

Last night and the night before was a collection of the good groups. I know I am in a good group when we clear an entire instance (Botanica) with no real trouble. We had to reset one boss, and wiped once, but that was more due to bad luck than a fault of the group. We rocked the Botanica, and we rocked it hard. We also rocked BM, and made it sooooo easy. Everyone knew their jobs and everyone did it right.
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