Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am currently guildless. Yep.... I did it again. I am not sure what my deal is, but a fellow WoW member and I last night that it was time to move on. I do not mind being in a guild, I really don't. It just seems that I keep finding guilds where I am like one of very few level 70s and this means that everyone needs something.

I get tells all the time. Can you run me through this... can you run me through that... If you help me grind out some quests I can level faster.... I am sure you have seen the same. I do not mind helping out people that I really like, but please do not assume just we are in the same guild that I like you. I really have not had the chance to even get to know you.

It really comes down to this. I am generally a solo player. I go from level 1 - 70, or wherever I stop with my toon all alone. I do not ask for runs. I do not ask for gear. I do not ask for free enchants. I do not ask for profession items. I most definately do not ask for gold or just general questing help. I really do not like it when some random guy, who I have never spoken with, who I have never seen in chat before, who does not go to the forums asks for help.

"psst.... hey... I am in your guild... could you help me..."

Not even anything specific.... sheesh.... Just in general.. come take your WoW time (which you have taken away from your family for your own enjoyment) and follow me around so that I do not have to waste as much of my time...

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