Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wow... that sucks...

This weekend I had a "great" time in a pug with another guildie. I should have known better, but nope, not me... I joined. A shaman friend of mine just specced Resto for Kara so we were making our Outland instance rounds getting him used to healing again. He is was also looking for some healing "upgrades" to replace his elemental gear. We did well, and he picked up healing quick.

Mana Tombs... An easy instance for 2 70s and a pug right? There were two paladins from another guild, 1 prot (65), 1 ret (64). No problems yet right? There was this huntard... I mean hunter with us. Guildless. Wait... did I say guildless? Yep. Does not always mean a problem, I have rocked the guildless tab before and will do so again I am sure. Did I say huntard? Yes.

Somehow this guy got lead before I joined up on the Mana Tomb run. He was pulling, and wanted to mark. No problem. I did not feel it was needed, but gives him some practice.. knock yourself out dude. We start pulling, no problems. We kill some things... no problems. My shaman friend in a /whisper asks him to turn off his pets "Growl." Huntard does not listen, so no more heals for his pet. Pet dies. Pet dies. Pet dies. "Growl" turned off it seems. Message made, we move on.

I begin to notice that he is in Melee on every fight now. He fires once, runs back to where I am, then runs back in with his sword. Yep... huntard in melee now, and looks like pet is on passive. I am thinking to myself... "Self, maybe he is new to game. Perhaps he is low on ammo. No problem."

I send him a /whisper like this... "Hey man, why are you in melee? Are you low on ammo?" I honestly ask thinking we can take a break, he can hearth buy more ammo and I can summon back. No problem other than him being a n00b.

I get some expletives back in his response asking why is it any more my business. He is trying to conserve ammo costs. Let him play his toon, and I can expletive expletive shut up. Wow.. what? I try to respond, not to apologize but to "verbally poke" him. Nothing... I am now on ignore. At this point we are at the event in Mana Tombs.

I let everyone in party know that I am now on ignore for some reason and this huntard needs to stay out of melee and do his ranged job. We laugh and my shaman friend and the others try to get him to pass lead. Nope. No real worry, we have 4 manned it this far, why stop now. We are now 1 pull away from Prince and notice that the hunter is (A) Not with us and (B) Dead.

We laugh. He has started the event without us and has died. I then realize that my friend is no longer in the party but is standing in front of me. Then the others start to get kicked. Then I get kicked. Then the instance gets reset while we scramble.... Wow. I was pissed. I can not believe people like this. We need a new "I hate you" feature in wow that will flag you for a year.
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