Tuesday, November 6, 2007

PVP goodness

Recently I was able to get my first taste of some Arena style pvp action with my Paladin. I created a 3v3 with some guildies, so the team was me (Paladin), Warrior, and Mage. We did not do so good. I think there are a variety of reasons, but the fact still remains we as a team, perhaps individuals just sucked with those current toons. We were all relatively new to the 70 environment and were rocking mostly pre 70 greens and blues. The poor mage I think must have been tripping on his own robes as he never made it more than like 5 seconds in any match. We played 10 for our arena points and called it a night. We each gained like 300 something points for our 10 losses and that was fine by me.

Last night, horde side (remember my recent "Return to the Darkside"), a guildie and I made a 2v2 team. The team consists of me (Warlock), and an Elemental Shaman (The same guy with the Warrior from alliance 3v3.) We did much better. We played 10 games of course, but only won 3 of them. However, in none of those games were we truly owned like we were in 3v3. All but one of those matches could have gone either way. The first 3 games we played the Shaman was still trying to get used to his toon. It has been 7 months since he came back to the horde, and has only been back horde for a little over a week getting from 66 - 70. He dinged 70 Sunday night and here we are Monday night rocking some Arena.

I realized something last night. I have leveled a 70 on a pve server (Paladin) and a pvp server (Warlock.) I now realize that playing pvp with my lock has helped me devolop nice "panic" skills. I never had to panic with my paladin. I just ran in and beat things slowly and stayed a live. My lock had to watch his surroundings and whatever I was fighting. I think these "panic" skills allow me to play my lock well, much better than my paladin.

I am not advocating one type of server over another. As a matter of fact, if you notice both of my toons are now pve side. I transfered my lock to pve Arathor just because I enjoy it more. Being able to go grind without worry is nice. Farming mats without having to stay too focused on other people is nice. However, I am looking forward to the new pvp only zone coming in WotLK. I think that is a great concept. Now for people like me, those who prefer to solo, I can farm/grind when I want, then roam the pvp zone for fun.
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