Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ever since I was a little kid I have always imagined "What if" stories about the collapse of all that we know. Movies such as The Postman, Waterworld, Day After Tomorrow, Night of the Comet, and Mad Maxare a few that help fuel this imagination. I plan out in my head what I would do if I woke up in the morning to find nothing, save myself... alive. Where would I stay? What would I do? How would I get there? How would I cope with the anarchy that would follow? Gunpowder weapons, or a bow?

I have thought it out quite extensively. When I was younger I even incorporated friends into this plan. We made plans together and assigned roles. In high school I even wrote a short story for a Public Speaking class that I titled The Prophet. In the story I cast myself as an apocalyptic survivor leading a small band of humanity through the trials that came our way. I was a quite individual that spoke little, but with wisdom. I wore a leather duster covered in hand written scriptures from the Book of Revelation and carried a shotgun, or Boomstick.

Recently I saw the new trailer for I Am Legend and it has sparked up my Zombie love. Often in my apocalyptic musings Zombies play a pivotal role. I love the concept of the zombie. Such a cool character. So many ways to portray it. So many zombie movies to draw reference from. I shall not list them all here as I would go on forever...

I had a point here somewhere.... I am sure of it... I guess my point was this... If / When the Zombie apocalypse occurs I am ready... Are you?
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