Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I think I was in a group with an ebayer last night. I was running ZF with my Druid last night with the guild. I did not need anything from ZF, I was just there for heals, and for the fun. We had a 70 lock, 70 hunter, 46 Druid (Me), 45 Hunter, and 44 Lock. I believe the Hunter may have been an ebayer. Why do I say this... Well.... Let me tell you a story.

There is a wonderful tool called Armory that allows me to check on people. I can do this for the good. I can do this for the bad. I can see something I like in your playstyle and go check and see how I can improve. I can see something that just amazes me and go check so that maybe I can give you some advice. A tool, nothing more, and I like it.

Anyway I played with this guy/girl, and just assumed that they were new. They were making n00b mistakes. I am not mocking them, but truly it seemed like they were brand new to the game. We attempted to share quests with our fellow "40s" but the hunter claims, I am too high "rank" to accept.... What? Too high rank? What?

The story continues. The melee for a bit, which is fine, I goof off all the time running lowbies, but this did not feel like goofing off. It is hard to describe but I could, "SMELL" the n00b odor. Again, I am not mocking, but it is what it is. I do a lot of trash talking while on a fun run, lots of stupid humor. Most of this humor is game related in some way or another. This guy/girl gets none of it. No scholo humor, no quest humor, no old WoW humor... nada.

Well, I look up the individuals profile on Armory and I am shocked. They have Kara gear... they have Serpentshrine Cavern gear... They have Tempest Keep gear... Clearly this toon has had experience, but the guy/girl.... not so much. I have a problem with this. I do not have a problem with someone buying a toon, more power to them. I do not have a problem with someone paying another to level their toon... again, more power too them. My problem, I guess is this...

I think there should be like a "n00b" debuff. Something that lets you know this toon has recently been transfered between accounts or something. Maybe just transfered in general. How about a buff that that just shows up if you have been inactive for maybe more than 30/60/90 days even. You can let the debuff wear off over the course of time, or you can complete a "competency" quest. Maybe just a test your knowledge kind of nonsense quest. Go to Northshire Abbey for alliance, and just say "Hey". Maybe make the horde go and find the "Fallen Wife" in XRs just to prove they have their Barrens merit badge....

Meh... Just a thought....
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