Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Much to do...

Ok, so we all know that patch 2.3 was released yesterday. It took longer than I had hoped for it to "post" but better late than never. I would have to say that I really enjoy this patch. I am sure as time wears on I may discover something that I do not like, but right now I love it.

I was unable to accomplish all that I wanted to do yesterday after the patch, but meh.. I have a year or so before WotLK comes out. My current plan is to outfit my Warlock, my Paladin, and my two Hunters with purples before WotlK. Not too much work involved seeing as how I have a year. I like having toons alliance side and horde side. It gives me flexability. My lock has some decent gear, not the purple that I want, but decent. He is in a much better position than my Paladin.

The patch gave my Protection Paladin some nice new hp though. I am still looking for tank gear. I have been rocking my grinding/leveling gear for so long, but if I want purples and to be able to tank a 70 man instance I will need some real gear.
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