Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First real Healadin Instance

Ok, so I changed my paladin spec again. I went 40/0/21 and I hear it is called shockadin. I now have a healing gear set (full of 62- 70 greens and blues) and my grinding spell damage set (full of 66-70 greens, blues, and purple.) I am happy. I have tried healing in an instace, currently over 1k healing, and have tried grinding, currently around 700 spell dmg. Not to bad. I will keep you informed, I am sure you are overcome with anticipation, and let you know how I feel.

It has been a long time since I played the healer role. Last time I did so was about 2.5 years ago as a White Mage/Red Mage in FF Online. I liked it then, and do not mind it now. I am going to slowly make my way through BC instances to start getting used to healing a little at a time. We did Ramparts last night, all guild run. Me (70 Healadin/Shockadin), 70 Prot Warrior in his dps set, 69 Prot Warrior, 60 Feral Druid, and 61 Mage. I did not get to heal much, but I did like what I see so far. I was healing for over 1k with flash of light, and just under 5k with Holy Light. You may not be impressed, but remember I have been prot my whole wow-life. My biggest crit with Flash of light prior to last night was just over 700, and Holy Light was just under 2k.
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