Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today's post is going to be off the WoW topic if you do not mind. I am sitting at work and to be honest wish that my coworkers did not know my name. I am making physical diagrams so that I can later put them in Visio. The plan is to combine our current power, network, and HVAC layouts into one "Presentation" for the big guys.

This morning I am going around measuring all the offices, closets, electrical rooms, bathrooms, and the server floor. I have measured the extire of the building. As I am going about my business people keep offering their advice on who I should talk with or what I should do, or what I should purchase to make the job go easier. Everyone has their opinion and they believe it is their God given right to mention it to me.

If I take the time to ask your opinion, then feel free, tell me how I could be doing my current job/tasking better. Please. I have obviously not thought about what I am doing, so you are doing me a favor. I try to be polite. I listen. I nod my head. I go "check" what they recommend I check... the whole time realizing that I am probably wasting my time.

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