Thursday, October 11, 2007

"We love to fly and it shows..."

I knocked out a few quests last night and purchased my flying mount. Not my epic one mind you, just the normal poor man mount. So finally my paladin has caught up to my lock. It feels nice to be able to fly around and look for ore deposits, or as I now begin to quest for even more gold for gear and enchants, I can just skip over areas and go directly to the quest area.

Some guild mates and I have been talking pvp lately. We are a "fun" guild and do not have the manpower to try Kara. Even if we did have the manpower, our balance is all wrong. We have decided just to continue having fun and try out some pvp. I am even planning on changing my spec over to a holy build after two years solid of prot. I will keep you up to date...
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