Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Musings of a Hermit

All the Patch 2.3 Info has got me thinking about the future of our beloved World of Warcraft. I get in these moods at times where I wonder what they will add, when they will add it, that kind of stuff.

I would like to see a new form. Balance has the Moonkin, which is cool. Restoration has the Tree of Life, which is cool. What does feral get special? Not that they really need anything special, I just want it. I am thinking like an "aspect" or "were" beast kind of thing. I do not mean to replace the bear as tank, or the cat as rogue/dps, but maybe just something else. Were form would allow you to do a little of both at the same time. No taunt, no rogue skills, just massive hp/armor and some evil dps at the same time. Let the world know that you are feral and proud of it. Perhaps in WotLK....

I want to see gobins as neutral race. Make them come out with the undermines. A complete set of zones that takes you all the way up to level 20 or so before you have to commit to a faction. Perhaps have a Quest line for each faction to prove your worth, before you can move on. Or maybe just stay middle of the road and have limited access to both? Who knows. Goblins could be rogues/warriors/mages/hunters/locks or something like that. Off the top of my head that feels right...

Now that we have all seen how cool the Headless Horseman was what will Christmas bring this year? I think we should get a "sleigh" flying mount, or at least a new "Jingle Bell" to turn our mount into a sleigh. In addition to last years Grinch quest line, perhaps make a new grinch quest line with 70s in mind. Give him so nice purple epics for us to steal. I do not know make him come with some "Evil Gnome" adds or something...
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