Monday, October 22, 2007

How to take Defeat

This weekend I did a lot of goofing off in the wonderful World of Warcraft. I took down the Headless Horseman several times with my paladin. We started up a n00b pvp 3v3 team called Lucid Slayers, and promptly lost all 10 of our games. We ran a guild member through BRD, and I finally got my Key at 70. I changed my spec to Holy.... again.... We did some BGs to start getting some "entry" gear, so that maybe, you know, we can win an Arena match. All and all a great WoW weekend. That is not all that I did this weekend, but it was all that happened on the WoW front.

I like to have fun in the game. I like to challenge myself in the game. As such, I realize that this is just that, a game. I try to find like minded people so that my enjoyment of the game increases. I have been lucky thus far in finding select people that I truly can just have fun with. This weekend, a friend and I went for a fun BRD run for another guild mate. So the team looked like this... Me (70 Paladin / Prot), Gutblades (70 Warrior / Fury), Zondra (70 Warrior / Fury), and Ambience (54 Druid / Feral). Gutblades, his wife Ambience, and I are like minded. As a matter of fact we often do stupid things during runs much to the amusement of each other.

This weekend while we were running BRD we came to the stunning revalation that Zondra, in fact, is not like us. Nothing at all... We like to challenge each other. I try to pull as much as I can while still judging whether or not I can do it alone. Sometimes... I die. Gutblades, not wanting to be left out, laughs and joins in. Ambience, having no choice must laugh and also... join in. We have fun. We do not mind a 10g repair bill (I was at 0% when we logged). I would rather not, but hey, I am 70... 10g is what? Less than one quest...

We were on the highway area of BRD just killing things when we pull waaaaaay to much. We draw another pat, then another comes from behind the door, then another.... It goes south real quick. Ambi draws the pats, and between our taunts we can not keep her alive from all the mobs coming. We go into panic mode, in a good way, and just try to kill as much as possible. Nope, no luck. We all die. That is right, 3 70s and a 54 just wiped in BRD. Gutblades and I think it is hillarious. Zondra... not so much. He gets pissed because somehow he thinks we are making fun of him... I mean come on, we just died too. Just enjoy the ride, have fun.
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