Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Need more levels

I am on a mission. I am playing alliance almost exclusively now, not for my love of alliance, or my lack of love for horde, but I have found some good people to guild with. Until that changes I will play alliance. Kind of nice having a 70 on both sides as it allows me to take a real break from any drama that may arise. Having said that, there are times when I regret my decision waaaaay back when I chose a paladin as my starting toon. I like him, do not get me wrong, but going from my horde lock to the paladin is very painful at times. With my lock, things die... very quickly. There are times when I do too, but meh.... it works. My paladin is just the opposite. It is rare that I go down, and when I do, things are a mess, and usually quite comical. However, I think my dps is actually in the negatives.

I am only using him as an ATM (He gives my hunter Gold and farms for said Gold) and to do some pvp so I can get the arena/BG healing gear and wait for WotLK. I am really enjoying my hunter. I have forced myself to not twink him. He only has gear that he finds or that he can craft on his own. I make sure that he has plenty of gold on hand though as I am stockpiling all the leatherworking patterns that I see.

I made it through two levels last night. I did a few quests in STV, a few quests in 1k Needles/Shimmering flats, and now I am sitting in Desolace. With speed and a little luck on my side, Desolace and 2 more levels will be history by the time I log this evening. I may not be the fastest grinder/leveler in the world but I am dedicated :)
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