Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Honor Grind

I am posting this for moral support. When I see what I want vs. what I have to "grind" for it is almost overwhleming...

This is for a full set of Season 1 gear (2.3 Patch Honor Purchase) as well as the other slots filled with epics....

Totals for Season 1
Honor 107450
WS Token 30
AB Token 50
AV Token 50
ES Token 50

Totals for Other PVP Epics
Honor 127462
WS Token 20
AB Token 60
AV Token 10
ES Token 60

Having said that I have already spent 21229 Honor, 20 AB Tokens, and 20 WS Tokens. I currently have 23 WS Tokens, 42 AB Tokens, 100 AV Tokens, 30 ES Tokens and 21000 something Honor.

Grand Total left to Purchase/Farm for....
192683 Honor, 7 WS Tokens, 48 AB Tokens, 0 AV Tokens, 80 ES Tokens....

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