Thursday, October 18, 2007

To Do Lists...

I find myself more often than not creating "To Do Lists" at work when I am in between tasks. I browse numerous WoW blogs, read a lot of different sites about WoW, and always have something I am planning to do. It becomes very tedius at times, but I know that if I do not make my lists then I will waste in game time.

I have made a gear list for my 70 Paladin that I found on some blogs & sites, that I have tweaked for personal taste. I play my Paladin tankadin style and that is what I plan on continuing to do. I am in a social guild, so unless I make some "raid" friends do not see myself seeing any endgame content with this toon. My horde lock has played in Kara and attempted Gruul's lair, but even he has not made it too far. I am content with this, but sometimes miss the good old MC / AQ / ZG days. They are very fun raids, when they work. More often than not, for me, they did not. RL would always aggro valuable raid members and we would be stuck waiting.... waiting.... waiting....

I have mats that I need to farm, quests to complete for easy gold. I have my up and coming 31 Draeni Hunter that I am enjoying. As I said before I am in a social guild, so the amount of 20 - 40 toons makes grouping, if I choose, easy. There are also several 70s that we can trade off "lowbie runs." Having said that, I have made myself a list of "needed" instance runs for my hunter. Quest completion and loot searching instance runs on serparate lists of course.

I have "farm" lists. Areas that I know to be higher percentage drops of items that I would like to have. I go out there and spend a couple hours easy, and very rarely come away with my drop. It is ok though, as at least I have vendor trash, and green drops.

I have to juggle my WoW time. I am certain many people with "Altivitus" do. The amount of stuff that I want to accomplish seems quite daunting at times though.
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